Teaching and Outreach


Founder of Data Nuggets

National Science Foundation, Michigan State University (2011-present)

DataNuggetLogoI am a co-founder and developer of  Data Nuggets – free classroom activities, co-designed by scientists and teachers, which give students practice interpreting quantitative information and making claims based on evidence. They are created from cutting-edge scientific research and include real, messy, scientific data. The goal of Data Nuggets is to engage students in the practices of science through an innovative approach that combines scientific content from authentic research with key concepts in quantitative reasoning. Data Nuggets have the potential to improve the understanding of science in society and help train and motivate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

I have held workshops across the country, helping scientists create Data Nuggets based on their own research to build their broader impacts. In addition, I have presented Data Nuggets at national and local teacher and education conferences to share this resources as a way to take students through the entire scientific process and practice their inquiry skills. I created several Data Nuggets based upon my own research, and look forward to continuing to share my research and helping other scientists increase their broader impacts.

To support our continued work on Data Nuggets, I co-authord and received several grants, most recently a NSF DRK-12 grant, in partnership with MSU and BSCS, to study the efficacy of Data Nuggets in the classroom.We recently held a NIMBioS Working Group which brought together top researchers and educators to develop and publish an assessment to determine whether students’ quantitative skills and understanding of the scientific process improve when using Data Nuggets as part of their curriculum.

GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellow

National Science Foundation (2010-2013)

Image 17The Kellogg Biological Station GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project is part of a national network of GK-12 sites, with the common goal of providing science graduate students with skills that will broadly prepare them for their future careers, particularly communicating science with varied audiences. Through interactions with teachers and students in K-12 schools, graduate students are expected to improve communication and teaching skills while enriching science instruction in K-12 schools.

As a fellow, I created several lesson plans, and presented these to students in K-12 classes, and to teachers and conferences and workshops. A few of my lessons can be found below:

Other outreach materials:


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